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Pneumatic control valve supplier in china


  • Port size:DN25~300, NPS 1〞~ 12〞
  • Pressure:PN16 ~ 100,150LB ~ 600LB
  • Medium:Water,liquid,air,gas
  • Temperature :-196~450℃
  • Body material:WCB LCB CF8 CF3 CF8M CF3M
  • Description:
  • Pneumatic control valve supplier in china 

    Pneumatic control valve is a compressed gas as power source, using the cylinder as the actuator and valve positioner, aid, converter, electromagnetic valve, the valve, the gas tank, gas filter attachment to drive the valve, switch or proportional regulator, a control signal receiving industrial automation control system to adjust the pipeline to complete the medium: flow, pressure, temperature, level and other various process parameters. Pneumatic control valve is characterized by simple, rapid response, and intrinsically safe, no need to re take the explosion-proof measures.

    Pneumatic control valve Use and characteristics
    1 applications and characteristics of pneumatic control valve structure of a right angle turn, it is supporting the use of valve positioner, the ratio can be adjusted; type V valve adjustment for a variety of occasions, with a rated flow coefficient, adjustable ratio, good sealing effect, regulating the performance of sensitive, small volume, vertical horizontal installation. Applicable to control of gas, steam, liquids and other media.

    2 Pneumatic control valve characteristic: the structure of a right angle turn, by the V type valve, pneumatic actuator, positioner and other accessories; there is a nearly 100 than the inherent flow characteristics; dual bearing structure, the starting torque is small, with excellent sensitivity and speed sensors; shear capacity of strong.

    3 pneumatic piston executing agency for the use of compressed air power source, through the piston's movement led to a 90 degree turn, to enable the automatic gate valve. Its components are: adjustment bolt, the executive body box, crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder, piston, connecting rod shaft, cardan shaft.

    4  the working principle of pneumatic control valves: pneumatic control valve by the implementing agencies and regulatory agencies. Executing agency is the thrust control valve components, which according to the control signal pressure to produce the thrust, push the adjustment mechanism of action. Valve is a pneumatic control valve adjustment parts, it has a direct contact with the media regulator, regulating the flow of the fluid.