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Pneumatic metal seat butterfly valve


  • Port size:DN50~2000, NPS 2〞~ 80〞
  • Pressure:PN16 ~ 25 CLASS 150/300LB
  • Medium:Water,steam,gas
  • Temperature :-40~450℃
  • Body material:WCB CF8 CF3 CF8M CF3M
  • Description:
  • Pneumatic metal seat butterfly valve description

    The Pneumatic metal seat butterfly valv is widely applied in such industries as petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, oil terminal, metallurgy, electric power, etc.Pneumatic metal seat butterfly valve can be conveniently equipped with a cylinder actuator (single acting or double acting can be selected according to the needs), or an electric actuator to realize local control and remote control.
  • Pneumatic metal seat butterfly valve feature

    1. Compact structure: low volume, light weight and easy maintenance
    2. Smooth flow channel: low flow resistance, low pressure drop and high flow
    3. Pneumatic metal seat butterfly valve sealing pair adopts a full metal seal structure. The sealing pair adopts a "hard-contact-hard" structure as shown in figure 1 pneumatic three-eccentric butterfly valve. The seal has a long service life. It is suitable for service conditions where the medium working temperature is extreme, the erosion is severe and there is the occurrence of "crystallization".
    4. Strong anti-wear performance: The disc adopts a three-eccentric structure and the sealing face is subject to hard alloy overlaying welding with good anti-wear performance.
    5. Pneumatic metal seat butterfly valve flow characteristics: Approximate equal percentage. Control and shut-off can be realized.
  • Pneumatic metal seat butterfly valve actuator technical datasheet



    Cylinder actuator

    Electric Actuator
    Determined according to
    ordering requirements


    Single action

    ,Shut off ,Adjust ,Shut off ,Adjust

    Power supply
    Air supply: 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa (G)
    Power: 220VAC / 50HZ, 380VAC / 50HZ

    :NPT1/4-Φ8, NPT3/8-Φ12, NPT1/2-Φ16
    All pneumatic valves of our company are provided with ferrule fittings connected to air supply pipelines of users. (See the specification of pneumatic valves for the sizes.) The ferrule fittings for air supply can also be supplied according to user requirements.
    Electrical Connection: With electric actuator configuration or user requirements
    :GB/T4213-2008,"C",:±2.0%,:≤2.0%,:≤0.8%,: ≤+2.5%
    Shut off: 24VDC, 220VAC
    Control with positioner: 4~20mA, 4~20mA+HART
    Control with positioner: with positioner index class "C" in accordance with GB/T4213-2008, intrinsic error: ˇ2.0%, hysteresis error: ˇ2.0%, dead band: ˇ0.8%, full travel error: ˇ+2.5%
    Shut off: On / Off
    Adjust: 4 ~ 20mA

    Action type

    Shut off: When the solenoid valve is powered on, the valve is on or off.
    Adjust: The valve is on or off with the increase of positioner input signal.

    Shut off: The valve is on or off when powered on
    Adjust: with the input signal increases valve opening or valve off

    Allowable ambient
    -40ºC~+80ºC -40ºC~+80ºC


    Hand operated mechanism, solenoid valve, electric/pneumatic valve positioner, transponder switch, air filtering pressure relief valve, speed increaser, position holding valve, air control valve, etc.

    Hand operated mechanism, transponder switch, input/output switch signal, surge protector, local switch, selector switch, etc.

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