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Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve


  • Port size:1''-20'',DN25-DN500
  • Pressure:PN10-PN40,CL150-CL300
  • Medium:Water,oil,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-40~450℃
  • Body material:WCB,CF8,CF8M.CF3.CF3M.A890 4A.
  • Description:China Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve manufacturer,factory and supplier
Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve introduction
Pneumatic V type ball valve is a spherical core channel is designed toa open “V” shape of the valve, with accurate flow characteristic and control function.
Through 0-90 degrees rotation, to achieve the adjustment of the flow rate and switchfunction. No clearance friction between the pneumatic V type flanged ball valve seat and spherical surface, with excellent shear force and self-cleaning ability, especially suitable for fluid medium with fibers or withsmall particles.

Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve technical parameters
Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve body
Nominal size: DN25-DN500mm
Body material: WCB,CF8,CF8M.CF3.CF3M.A890 4A
Connection type: Wafer type DN25-500
Flange type DN25-500
Pressure class: PN1.6-4.0MPa
Flange standard: GB, ANSI,DIN,JIS
Structure type: Fixed ball core

Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve design and manufacturing standards
Design and manufacture: GB/T12237/1989, ASME B16.10 API608
Structure length: GB/T12221, ASME B16.10
Connection size: GB9113.1, ASME B16.5
Pressure testing: GB/T13927-1992, API598, API6D

Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve components
Seat sealing: PTFE:-30℃~180℃
Hard alloy steel: Surface spray welding, tungsten nitride
Core material: 304、316、316(Surface welding hard alloy, chrome, tungsten nitride)
Stem material: 17-4PH
Applicable medium: Water, liquids, oil, solid particles and fiber media

Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve performance
Adjustable range: 100:1
Rated KV: Refer to the table
Leakage level: metal seal: Less than 0.001%
Soft seal: Less than 0.00001%
Return difference: Less than full stroke 1% (with positioner)
Less than full stroke 3-5% (without positioner)
The basic error: Less than full stroke + 1% (with positoner)
Less than full stroke +5% (Without positioner)

Pneumatic V type flanged ball valve actuator parameter
Type Control type Function
Pneumatic actuator Double acting Failure to maintain
Single acting normally closed Failure to close
Single acting normally open Failure to open
Optional accessory Solenoid valve, limit switch box, air filter relief pressure valve, positioner, manual device.