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Pneumatic cryogenic ball valve


  • Port size:DN20~300, NPS 3/4〞~ 12〞
  • Pressure:PN16 ~ 100,150LB ~ 600LB
  • Medium: liquefied natural gas, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon,etc.
  • Temperature : -40 ° C to -196 ° C
  • Body material:SS304,SS316,SS316L
  • Description:
  • Pneumatic cryogenic ball valve Featue

    Pneumatic cryogenic ball valve is special ball valve for the medium with its temperature from -40 ° C to -196 ° C. Cryogenic ball valve with pneumatic actuator can be used for cryogenic fluids, such as liquefied natural gas, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon,etc.

    Pneumatic cryogenic ball valve is subjected to special cryogenic treatment to ensure the cryogenic performance of the material. When operating in cryogenic conditions, it will not cause deformation and leakage due to temperature changes.The bonnet of Pneumatic cryogenic ball valve adopts a extended design structure, and its purpose is to protect the function of the packing box, so that the packing box is located far away from the cryogenic temperature to ensure the sealing effect of the packing.

  • Pneumatic cryogenic ball valve Performance

    Pneumatic Actuator Parameters Cryogenic Ball Valve Parameters
    Actuator Type single-acting(FO,FC),double-acting (FL) Nominal Diameter DN15~200mm
    Air Supply Pressure double-acting:2-8bar;                  single-acting:4-8bar Nominal Pressure PN16,PN25,PN40,etc
    Output Torque double-acting:4N·M~10560N·M Valve Stem stainless steel
    single-acting:7N·M~2668N·M Body Material SS304,SS316,SS316L
    Working Temperature Normal temperature type:-20℃~80℃(Nitrile rubber O-ring) Valve Ball SS304
    High temperature type:-20℃~160℃(Fluorocarbon O-ring) Seat Seal PTFE/PCTFE
    Action Range 0~90°±5° End Connnection flange type
    Interface thread GTD40~GTD83/ATD50~ATD88    G1/8″ Application Medium LNG,LN2,LOX,LAr,LCO2,etc
    GTD110~GTD350/ATD100~200   G1/4″
    Valve position signal Positioner:4~20mA;                        Limit Switch:full open/full close signal Feature cryogenic temperature resistance, flexible open & close and reliable sealing

    Pneumatic cryogenic ball valve Applicable Standards:

    Design: API6D, API608,ASME B16.34, ISO14313, MSS SP-72
    Face to face: ASME B16.10,AP6D
    Flange end: ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47,EN1092, GOST 33259,etc.
    Butt welded end: ASME B16.25
    Leakage standard: ANSI B16.104
    Inspection and test API 598,API6D