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Jacketed Control Valve With Pneumatic actuator


  • Port size:1/2"~24" (DN15~DN600)
  • Pressure:PN10-PN64 CL150-CL600
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~150℃,-40~450℃
  • Body material:WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M etc.
  • Description: Pneumatic Jacketed control valve manufacturer, factory and supplier.
China Pneumatic Jacketed control valve manufacturer, factory and supplier. Jacketed control valve with pneumatic actuator spire with upper guide structure, with Siemens other intelligent positioner, with multi-spring film actuator, large output force, compact valve structure, has a streamlined S channel, so that the pressure drop loss is small, large flow, wide adjustable range, flow characteristics of high precision, suitable for a variety of occasions need heat preservation. Pneumatic jacketed control valve has the same performance as a single seat or cage guided control valve, when the crystallization temperature of the process medium is lower than the ambient temperature or the liquid temperature is reduced resulting in an increase in viscosity or fluid solidification, in the control valve body and the upper valve cover add insulation jacket device, can make the valve temperature and environmental temperature through the jacket layer to maintain at a certain temperature, to ensure that the medium will not condensing, It can run normally.

Jacketed control valve with pneumatic actuator because many with a layer of jacket insulation layer, so even if the external temperature drops below zero, the valve still flexible operation to ensure that the oil pipeline can be disconnected, its advantage is that it can be set according to the field temperature requirements. It is an ideal regulating valve for heavy oil pipeline. Inject steam, heat conduction oil, hot water and high temperature gas according to user needs. The use of the whole regulating valve in the required temperature range for a long time, can prevent the crystallization of the medium. Jacketed control valve with pneumatic actuator can be insulated, also can protect cold, cooling, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical industries. 

Jacketed control valve with pneumatic actuator specification
 jacketed control valve Body type: straight through casting globe type
Spool type: balanced cage guided sleeve type
Nominal size: DN15~600,、 NPS 1/2〞~ 24〞
Nominal pressure: PN16 ~ 100、 CLASS 150LB ~ 600LB
Connection: flange: FF、RF、MF、RTJ
Welding: SW、BW
Flange dimension: According to to IEC 60534
Pneumatic control valve material WCB,WC6,WC9,CF8,CF8M,etc.
Packing: V type PFTE packing, flex. graphite packing, etc.
Gasket: Metal graphite packing
control valve Actuator: Pneumatic: multi-spring diaphragm actuator, piston type actuator.