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Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Control Valve


  • Port size:DN50~600, NPS 2〞~ 24〞
  • Pressure:PN10 ~ PN16、 CLASS 150LB
  • Medium:Corrosive medium
  • Temperature :-20~150℃
  • Body material:WCB+PFA/PTFE,304+PFA/PTFE
  • Description:
  • Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Control Valve description

    Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Control Valve is composed of a pneumatic piston actuator and a PFA or PTFE lined butterfly Control valve.Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Control Valve  has excellent anti-corrosion performance,because the valve trim is lined with PFA or PTFE,such as disc,stem,body,etc.

    Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Control Valve has the advantages of corrosion resistance, no leakage, long life, etc. It is suitable for working conditions with corrosion or cleanliness required with temperature ≤180 °C.Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Control Valve can be applied to any concentration of acid, alkali, salt and oxidant, reducing agent, organic solvent and other medium.Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve  is an ideal product for the use of shut-off and control equipment for gas, liquid and semi-fluid pipelines and vessels in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, iron and steel smelting, papermaking, hydropower and other systems.

  • Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Control Valve technical parameter

    Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Control Butterfly Valve Body Type staight-way cast butterfly valve
    Nominal Diameter DN50~DN1000
    Nominal Pressure PN10,PN16,Class150Lb
    Flange Standard HG/T20592-2009,ANSI B16.5,JIS B220
    Connection Type flanged
    Bonnet Type integrated style
    Gland Type gland compression type
    Packing V-type PTFE, flexible graphite
    Disc vertical plate
    Flow Characteristics equal percentage,quick open,linear
    Actuator Model GT/SR/AT/AW/TH(QGSY) series
    Air Supply Pressure 400-700KPa
    Air Source Interface G1/4″、G1/8″、G3/8″、G1/2″
    Ambient Temperature (-30-+70℃)
    Action Type single-acting,double-acting
    Accessories solenoid valve,air filter pressure reducing valve,limit switch
  • Pneumatic PFA PTFE Lined Butterfly Control Valve material

    Parts Name Material
    Body/Seat WCB,LCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
    Disc WCB,304,316,316L
    Seal Ring fluororubber,PTFE
    Lining Material PO,PE,PP,FEP,PTFE,PFA
    Stem 17-4PH,2CM3,stainless steel
    Packing V-type PTFE