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Electric Y-type trap drain control valve


  • Port size:DN20~100, NPS 3/4〞~ 4〞
  • Pressure:PN1.6-32Mpa(ANSI150-2500LB)
  • Medium:Water,steam
  • Temperature :20C°-570C°
  • Body material:WCB A105 WC6 WC9 F11 F22
  • Description:
  • Electric Y-type trap drain control valve feature

    Electric Y-type trap drain control valve is mainly used to discharge the steam-water mixtures from the steam pipes in all sections at the starting stage of the unit until the turbine can run normally. In addition, when the turbine has malfunctions or carries out load shedding,Electric Y-type trap drain control valve will be opened according to the procedure to discharge steam and water in the pipes to the drain flash tank, so as to ensure system safety. 

    Electric Y-type trap drain control valve Typical applications include: 
    main steam pipe trap
    reheater pipe trap
    cold reheat pipe trap    
    first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth sections of steam extraction pipes traps and others
  • Electric Y-type trap drain control valve parameter

    Trim features: integral deposited seat 
    quick disassembly type structure
    Body type: Y type 45° angle
    Bonnet type: standard type 
    heat dissipation type
    Flow characteristic: linear
    Size: DN20-100(3/4”-4”)
    Pressure class: PN1.6-32Mpa(ANSI150-2500LB)
    Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅴ(standard type metal seat)
    Pipe connection type: flange type 
    butt welding type
    Applicable temperature range: 20C°-570C°
    control valve Actuator type: pneumatic diaphragm actuator
    pneumatic piston actuator
    electric actuator