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ZZVP Self-operated Pressure Regulator


  • Port size:DN15-DN100
  • Pressure:Class 150,PN10,PN16
  • Medium:Nitrogen,etc.
  • Temperature :-25~100℃
  • Body material:WCB, CF8,CF8M,etc.
  • Description:China ZZVP Self-Operated Pressure Regulator manufacturer, factory and supplier.
ZZVP Self-Operated Pressure Regulator manufacturer, factory and supplier in China. ZZVP Self-Operated Pressure Regulator is an energy-saving pressure regulating valve that does not require external energy and only relies on the pressure change of the medium to be adjusted to achieve automatic adjustment and stable pressure difference. ZZVP Self-Operated Pressure Regulator can be applied to industrial furnace systems to control the flow ratio of two materials, such as gas and air, to achieve ideal combustion. ZZVP Self-Operated Pressure Regulatoris used in the hydrogen-cooled generator set sealing oil system to control the pressure difference between seal oil and hydrogen to ensure reliability. seal. When the low pressure end of the differential pressure valve is open to the atmosphere, it is a micro pressure valve.

ZZVP Self-Operated Pressure Regulator specification:
Type: Straight-through casting ball valve
Nominal diameter: DN15~100
Nominal pressure: PN16
Connection type: flange type PN16 convex surface
Body and bonnet material: WCB (SCPH2)
Internal material: CF8 (304) CF8M (316)
Applicable temperature: -40~230°C
Filling: V-type PTFE
Spool type: single seat plunger type spool
Flow characteristics: quick opening
Sealed version: soft seal
Type: film type
(100, 280 signal actuator)
Signal interface: internal thread M10×1
Ambient temperature: -40 to +70 °C
Valve function: Type B and Type K
Type B spool initial position is normally open, closed when differential pressure increases
K type spool initial position is normally closed, open when differential pressure increases

ZZVP Self-Operated Pressure Regulator Flow coefficient CV value and stroke:
DN(mm) 20     25      32 40     50     65     80    100   125    150   200    250    300     
CV 7 11 20 30 48 75 120 190 300 480 760 1100 1750
Rated stroke   
8 8 10 10 14 20 20 25 40 40 50 60 70