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Pneumatic Emergeny Cut-off control Valve


  • Port size:DN15~500, NPS 1/2〞~ 20〞
  • Pressure:PN16 ~ 100,150LB ~ 600LB
  • Medium:Water,steam
  • Temperature :-40~450℃
  • Body material:WCB LCB CF8 CF3 CF8M CF3M
  • Description:
  • Pneumatic Emergeny Cut-off control Valve descriptipon

    Pneumatic Emergeny Cut-off control Valve is widely used in pneumatic valve off petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, paper, pharmaceutical, electroplating and other industries.Pneumatic Emergeny Cut-off control Valve uses piston actuator and also can adopts GT type, AT-type pneumatic actuators, double acting and single-acting (spring return), rack and pinion, safe and reliable; Meanwhile AW series of large diameter valves using pneumatic actuator fork-type transmission , reasonable structure, large output torque, a double-acting and single-acting.The control valve body can be globe type,ball type,butterfly type as the cut-off valve body.

    Pneumatic Emergeny Cut-off control Valve feature
    1, gear dual-piston, the output torque, small size; 
    2, the choice of aluminum alloy cylinder material, light weight, beautiful appearance; 
    3, at the top, bottom mounting manual operating mechanism; 
    4, rack connection opening angle can be adjusted, the rated flow; 
    5, the actuator feedback signal indicating an optional live and various annexes to automate operations; 
    6, IS05211 standard provides a convenient connection to install the replacement product; 
    7, both ends of the adjusting screw allows the sections of standard products at 0 ° and 90 °, with an adjustable range of ± 4 °. To ensure the accuracy of synchronization with the valve.
  • Pneumatic Emergeny Cut-off control Valve Material 

    Component name Control Valve Material
    Body/Bonnet WCB/WCC/WC6/CF8/CF8M/CF3M
    Valve spool/Seat 304/316/316L(overlaying stellite alloy)
    Packing Normal:-196~150℃ is PTFE,RTFE,>230℃ is flexible graphite
    Gasket Normal:Stainless steel with flexible graphite,Special:Metal tooth type gasket
    Diaphragm Cover Normal:Q235,Special:304
    Diaphragm NBR with reinforced polyester fabric
    Spring Normal:60Si2Mn,Special:50CrVa
    Control valve stem 2Cr13/17-4PH/304/316/316L


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