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Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer


  • Port size:1/2"~2" (DN15~DN50)
  • Pressure:PN10 or others
  • Medium:Water or others
  • Temperature :-29~150℃
  • Body material:Brass or stainless steel
  • Description:Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer, Timer Controlled Motorized Ball Valve manufacturer, factory and supplier.
Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer, Timer Controlled Motorized Ball Valve manufacturer, factory and supplier. Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer also called timer controlled motorized ball valve, motorized ball valve with built in timer or Timer programmable electric ball valves,stay away from using an external timer, Electric actuated ,with adjusted minutes on/adjusted minutes off, Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer used in different water or air application,such as condensate removal from compressed air system,Irrigation system,lawn sprinkler system,Water treatment,etc

Considering valves have different specs,we recommend you trying the samples first and see how it works in your application,Especially when the flow medium is Oxygen,please take care and contact us to learn if it is OK for your application,

Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer features Full port design,these full ported ball valves pass suspended particulate more efficiently than solenoid valves,thus are less likely to stick open of closed,so far it has been the best economical alternative to solenoid valves,especially when solenoid valves can not work reliably. Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer with built-in stall current to prevent motor damage,LCD display provides accurate and efficient ON/OFF adjustment,

Need to have the valve kept open and closed time automatically according to your setting and realize automatic control? our Timer Controlled Motorized Ball Valve is ideal for automatic irrigation,drain system,feeding system or other automatic treatment,

Two types options of Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer below:

1) Standard type: Set the valve on/off duration: 0 H : 0M :0S to 99 H : 59 M : 59 S
The valve will automatically keep the open/close for a period of time according to timer presetting,for example,if you setting valve open 30 minutes,valve close 50 minutes,the valves will remain open for 30 minutes and remain close for 50 minutes,and then open for 30 minutes and close for 50 minutes,.......keep going..
it can be also programmed to short time,for example turn on open for 1 minute then close for 1 minute then open 1 minute and so on...
Optional feature: fail-closed,the valve can auto return to close when power is removed.

2) Clock type: Set the valve on/off at a specifc time: Within 24 hours
With fail-closed feature,valve can auto return to close when power is removed.

Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer available in below options on Size,Voltage and WIring,etc,

Size: 1/2",3/4",1" in Brass or Stainless steel,  (1-1/4" can be also available but only in Brass)
Voltage: AC/DC 9-24V or AC110-230V
Wiring: 2-wire,  (Earth wire can be added but there will have additional cost)
Pressure: 1.0 Mpa, 0-230 psi,
Flow Medium: Fluid, Air

Optional function (need additional cost) : Fail safe (valve can be automatically close when power is removed,) and Memory function,see below introduction,
* We will provide standard Timer valve without Fail safe and Memory function,unless specify,
* The open/close interval time programmable up to 99+ hours,the minimum is 7 seconds,

Clock type Timer Motorized ball valves-Please kindly note that we can also meet your demand on precise clock setting,for example"the valve needs to turn on at 6:00 AM and turn off at 7:00 AM/PM...,
shuts off and opens up automatically at a certain time


The standard Timer valve : Set the valve on/off duration(Keeping valve open or closed time 0 H : 0M :0S to 99 H : 59 M : 59 S)
The valve will automatically keep the open/close for a period of time according to timer presetting,
For example,if you setting valve open 30 minutes,valve close 50 minutes,the valves will keep on open for 30 minutes and 
keep on close for 50 minutes,
and then  open for 30 minutes and close for 50 minutes,.......keep going....
Manual Test feature/function: Press "Set"+">" to Open, Press "Set"+"^" to Close.
This standard Timer Control Motorized ball valves is very popular used in different automatic control system,easy operation,reliable working performance,we strongly recommend it, for example:
If the water draining needs to be one time every 2 days,5 minutes every time,you could set the valve open time 5 minutes and close time 47 hours 55 minutes.

Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer parameter:
Electric Motorized Ball Valve With Timer
Other requirememt please contact us.